Passion for big boobs

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  • October 5, 2016
  • I know that most guys like big boobs. Most of the girls that I work with at cheap London escorts have had boob jobs and they say that it has improved their sex lives. I am not sure that it is true. It is not that my boobs are pathetic or anything like that. They are actually rather large and I like the way they look. However, like one of my friends from London escorts say, a lot of it has to do with with

    confidence. Perhaps if I had bigger boobs, it would give me a better sex life.

    One of the girls at London escorts swears that her new large implants have made her feel better about herself. She keeps going up in size every year. The bigger her boobs, the better she feels about herself and she claims that her sexual confidence increases a lot. Honestly, I don’t think it has anything to do with her boob size, it has everything to do with her state of mine. I think that I should perhaps start thinking like I had big boobs instead. A couple of the girls here at London escorts do that and they say it works well.

    Do I desperately need bigger boobs? None of my dates at London escorts have every complained about my boobs, and I think the emphasis is more on me. I seem to be super conscious that my boobs are not that bog, and that is why I am always trying to wear lingerie which complements my shape at cheap London escorts. When I look in my wardrobe, I seem to be able to have an endless collection of balcony and push-up bras. Yes, you can say that I have a thing about my boobs, and I am not sure that is good for me.

    When you stop and think about it, to increase your bust size, you really do need to have an operation. I have tried some supplements since joining cheap London escorts, but that does not seem to work at all. Of course, you can grow your bust by taking hormones as well. One of my friends here at this London escorts agency got hold of a hormone supplement from the US, and it did increase her bust size. It seems a bit extreme to me, but it did seriously enhance her bust without the need for surgery.

    Another thing that I am worried about is getting involved with plastic surgery. So many cheap London escorts who have had surgery seem to have become addicted to surgery. They start off with one procedure and move on the next. I think it is important to realize that many of the lady consultants who work in plastic surgery receptions, are just sales staff. Their job is not to tell you that you don’t need the operation. Instead they get huge amount of commission to sell you stuff that you don’t need. I am really concerned about that, and I don’t want to get involved with plastic surgery. Honestly, I would worry that I would not be able to stop.

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