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Jagesh - a studio site

Product #1024: Jagesh is a modern website featuring three "shout out" areas on the home page which you can change to whatever you want any time you want, as well as a homepage slideshow. A number of different backgrounds are also available, or provide your own.

Price: $450.00



Special Considerations

Jagesh requires images provided by you. Make sure the images you send to us to place on the site are horizontal or that they are sufficiently high resolution that they can be cropped to fit within the horizontal format.

What You Get For $450.00

  • A fully installed website (WordPress required for installation).
  • A Slideshow installed in the header of the home page which you can easily add and subtract images from.
  • Three "shout out" areas on the home page to highlight anything you want (the samples above refer to "Spring Workshops," Teacher Training," and "Mexico Retreats" as examples, you'll be able to change them and the images to whatever you like).
  • Your choice of a number of backgrounds to choose from.
  • 6 subnavigation pages under their respective main navigation page: GALLERIES= Photo Gallery, Video Gallery; CLASSES= Class Descriptions, Prices, New Students, Policies.
  • Placement of your logo, photos and name on all the web pages and up to 5 images in the slideshow.
  • 2 different options for the Instructors landing page depending on how many teachers you have. You can easily change back and forth between both types to suit your needs.
  • The items on the Workshops + Events page are automatically ordered by date of occurance and can easily be removed after the event has passed.
  • Ability for you to add pages under each of the main navigation pages which show up in dropdown menus.
  • Ability for you to hide any of the website pages if you aren't using them (and then easily reveal them in the future).
  • Easily edit content on the website using any computer and any web browser (internet connection required).
  • An installed class schedule that is easy for you to update and change.
  • Fully functional and widgetized blog. You control whether it is visible or not depending on if you want to blog.
  • Fully functional photo gallery installed that you control the visibility of depending on if you have photos to share.
  • Easy to use photo uploader with image resizer which can be used for images on pages, blog posts, or the photo gallery.
  • Installed contact form that you can easily change, remove or swap with a different contact form.
  • Installed tool to help you easily make unique page titles and descriptions to get better search engine placement.
  • Ready to use social media icons which we will install and link for you, if applicable.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions about how to use everything.

...And don't forget, each Om Sites website comes with a 30 Day Unconditional Exchange Guarantee—any Om Sites website may be exchanged within 30 days for full credit toward any other Om Sites website.

* photos not included.

Optional Extras

  • HOURLY SERVICE RATE: $55-$80 per hour ~for help installing WordPress, setting up a web host, adding content to your site, photo retouching, customization of your website, adding new custom pages, setting up links to your social media pages, setting up your photo gallery or any number of other things. *rate depends on service. The $80 rate generally applies to design and customization work, the $55 rate to everything else. Before we ever get started we will let you know which rate applies to your specific project.

  • eNEWSLETTER MASTHEAD that matches your website(like the example below but with your studio name and logo): $35.00
    Coming soon!